Playing your favorite casino games in a j8play Filipinos

What products does j8play offer?

j8play offers soccer betting, live casino, slots, card games and lottery keno. j8play’s main products are sports betting and online casino, let’s see what j8play products have to offer.

Sports Betting

To meet the needs of sports fans worldwide, j8play offers a variety of sports betting: soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, baseball, j8play is a major sponsor of many sports events around the world, and it can be said that j8play focuses on soccer betting as its main product development. In addition, j8play also offers virtual sports betting products. For those who want to place a quick bet and win quickly, it is the right thing to do.

Online Casino

j8play has a wide range of online casino rooms, offering players a variety of options. You play with the most advanced equipment, quality live casino videos, and all the dealers are European girls, beautiful and professional. In particular, you can easily download the j8play app and experience the latest mobile casino.


Baccarat is a casino card game with simple rules. There are 3 attention-getters on the table, the dealer and the player, and a draw. The dealer splits 2 cards into 2 (depending on the total value of the cards, the dealer may or may not split 1 card). It is up to the player to bet on these 3 goals. At the end of the game, flags and player scores are compared to determine the winner, with the higher goal score winning and the tie being won by 2 points. The maximum score is 10 points.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a casino game that uses 3 dice and a machine shaken jar. To play the dealer, press a button to shake the dice in the jar. The winner loses when the dice are reconstructed according to the number of buttons on the dice. Crapshoot is favored by most players for the excitement and suspense of the dice shake. Craps offers a variety of betting options with different win rates: button bets, joint bets, and group bets. …… players can make multiple bets at the same time.


Roulette is an online casino scoring game. The game uses small marbles, spinning tables and wagering tables. When you join, players bet their picks on the table. The dealer will replace the small marble with a spinning table. When the grid is used again in a square, the winner is determined by the result of that grid.

Poker (Texas Hold’em)

j8play Poker is a game with complex rules that is chosen by many players for its attractiveness. When participating in the dealer, 5 regular cards are placed in the middle. After that, 3 cards are dealt to each player. The player’s task is to combine these 2 cards with the 5 regular cards to create the most consistent or homogeneous combination of numbers. The player with more consecutive identical number combinations wins the bet.

Slot Machine Games

Slot machine games are games that use familiar symbols such as fruit images, movie characters ……. The rules of slots and games are very simple, you just need to press the spin button (SPIN) and when the screen stops at the winning symbol, you will get the prize. The special feature of slot games is that if you hit a special combination, the jackpot is very high.

j8play is always striving to improve the quality of its products and services to provide players with the best online betting experience. In other words, j8play lives up to the standards of one of the best bookmakers today. Above is the information about j8play betting company. If you are looking for a safe and reputable betting venue, j8play is the best choice for you. Please visit j8play regularly to get the latest news about j8play. We wish you many wins at j8play.