Play the fish shooting game with jiliko!

Fish shooting is one of the most popular casino games these days. This game allows players to dive to the bottom of the deep sea, enjoy the beauty of the sea and start shooting at targets for more fun!

What is a fish shooting game

Fish shooting game has a beautiful game screen, all players who like to explore in the deep sea will definitely like, in this game screen, there will be many fish swimming to play, the player has to do is to shoot at this fish, as long as you defeat the target, you can get the relative bonus. The size of each kind of fish in the game, the reward is also different, the number of bullets you need to use is also different, players remember to understand the payment rules of the game before you start playing.

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Fish shooting game tips

The rules of the fish shooting game are very simple and do not require any difficult skills, but there are some tips to increase the chances of winning in the fish shooting game

1. Learn the rules of the game well

No matter what the game is, every player should learn the rules of the game, because this is the basis of the game, if the player does not learn the game before playing the game, then you may have some losses in the game.

2. Choose the minimum bet at the beginning

Choose the lowest bet at the beginning so that you don’t lose a lot of money. The rules of the fish shooting game are very simple, but it is recommended that players start with a low bet to play the game.

3. Choose to shoot small fish

In the fish shooting game, there will be many kinds of fish swimming around, it is recommended that newcomers choose small fish to shoot first, because they are easier to defeat and easier to win bonuses, and when the player becomes familiar with it, then choose large targets to shoot.

4. Do not shoot at a target that is about to leave

Because the targets in the game will swim around and some will leave the screen, when these targets are about to disappear from the screen, please do not continue to shoot, because when they appear, their blood will be restored, so do not waste your energy shooting at the targets that are about to leave the screen.

5. Observe the status of the target

How do you know when you are about to defeat a target? When your target starts to shake and blur, it means it is about to be defeated, so you can intensify your firepower and get the bonus.

6. Smart use of ammunition

The most important thing in fish shooting game is ammunition management, because the number of ammunition is equal to the bet we make, for example, for every 10 PHP of fish, you can get 10 points for defeating it. Each target has a different number of points.

7. Play calmly

All games suggest players to play calmly so that they don’t spend more money than they expect.

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