You can choose your preferred payment method for deposit and withdrawals

You can also play your favorite games on jiliko
using many different payment options, such as GCash and credit/debit cards. We have a comprehensive stock of deposit methods that you can use for deposits into your casino account, as well as for withdrawals when you want to take money out of your account and cash out without hassle. Each deposit method has its own unique advantages, so you can choose the one that works best for your needs. With jiliko, you can use any of our valid payment methods to get the most out of your gaming experience.

Four payment methods at jiliko

jiliko casino offers 4 deposit and withdrawal methods, as well as a maximum and minimum deposit/withdrawal amount of:


  • GCash – Minimum: 100 PHP | Maximum: 250,000 PHP
  • Online Banking – Minimum: 300 PHP | Maximum: 250,000 PHP
  • Credit/Financial Card – Minimum: 200 PHP | Maximum: 250,000 PHP
  • QR Code – Minimum: 200 PHP | Maximum: 250,000 PHP


  • GCash – Minimum: PHP 200 | Maximum: PHP 150,000
  • Online Banking – Minimum: 400 PHP | Maximum: 150,000 PHP
  • Credit/Financial Cards – Minimum: 200 PHP | Maximum: 150,000 PHP
  • QR Code – Minimum: 200 PHP | Maximum: 150,000 PHP

At jiliko, we recommend that players use GCash as the primary payment method

This is an extremely popular option because it is the most convenient way for Filipinos to make deposits or withdrawals at and online gambling sites. With GCash, you can deposit and withdraw money online safely in jiliko – anytime and anywhere. Plus, this system ensures that your winnings will be safe and secure.

Gcash is a fast and secure way for you to make deposits and withdrawals at both physical and online casinos, as well as create casino accounts online safely using your mobile devices with no risk to your winnings.

How to deposit/withdrawal on jiliko via mobile

For those who want to play on jiliko, you need to deposit a minimum of 200 PHP first, as soon as you deposit you will be able to play immediately. When you’re ready to game, all you need to do is download our app, select your preferred deposit and withdrawal options and find an exciting way to win!


  1. Open jiliko app and login (new members must register first)
  2. Click on Deposit
  3. Choose the payment method you want
  4. Enter the amount, select the depositor’s bank, and click Continue
  5. Upload the receipt, transfer time, source bank account number and click on confirm payment


  1. Open jiliko app and login (new members must register first)
  2. Click on Withdrawal
  3. Choose the payment method you want
  4. Enter the amount, choose the bank from which you want to withdraw, and click Continue
  5. Wait about 30 minutes to an hour and you will receive your payment


Rules to the first withdrawal at jiliko casino

All players can make withdrawals at jiliko. We at jiliko offer a number of transaction methods for players to choose from, and players can make withdrawals on their own without having to notify our team.

However, when you make your first withdrawal from jiliko, you will need to meet certain requirements in order to withdraw your funds, if not, your withdrawn funds will not be transferred to your bank. The withdrawal conditions of jiliko are as follows:

  • For first time withdrawals, members must win at least 1x the amount before withdrawing, e.g. to withdraw 200 PHP, you need to have 400 PHP in your gaming account.
  • Free bonuses or other promotions given to members cannot be withdrawn directly, they must be won during the game in order to withdraw part of the bonuses.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount for jiliko bonuses is set from 200 PHP.

Deposits and Withdrawals FAQ

A. At jiliko, we try to make all banking as easy and fast as possible, but the speed of deposit varies depending on the deposit method.

  1. If a player’s withdrawal request has been rejected, it may be due to the following reasons:
  2. There may be an error in the withdrawal information
  3. The bank or jiliko is performing system maintenance
  4. The withdrawal amount does not meet the withdrawal requirements

If you have eliminated all of the above reasons and still have not received your withdrawal, please contact jiliko’s customer service team.

A. At jiliko, we prohibit players from making deposits from other people’s accounts. The player’s bank details must be the same as when they applied for the account, and if a deposit is made from another person’s account, the deposit will most likely fail.

A. If your deposit or withdrawal has been approved by the jiliko team, it cannot be cancelled, however, if your request is still pending, you can request a cancellation by contacting our team.